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Flat In Porto is a dynamic and customer-centric real estate company specializing in providing exceptional housing solutions in the picturesque city of Porto, Portugal. With a passion for creating comfortable and stylish living spaces, Flat In Porto is dedicated to helping individuals and families find the perfect home that meets their unique needs and preferences.

Why we do it

At Flat In Porto, we prioritize transparency, integrity, and outstanding customer service. We understand that finding a holiday home is a significant life event, and we are committed to guiding our clients throughout the entire process, making it as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

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Some cool tips you should know


Choose the best time to visit Madeira for you and your family.

Madeira is a year-round destination with pleasant temperatures. You can enjoy its charm in any season... but, if there are things you prefer, some seasons are better than others. It depends on what you are looking for.


Plan at least 10 days to visit Madeira and all its surroundings.

The island is not that big. From Funchal you can reach almost all destinations within 1h, thanks to the many tunnels. The minimum to visit Madeira is a week, but I really think that 10 days is a better timeframe.


Don't plan a guided tour on your first day. It is not too dangerous, but it gets windy and the approach is special.

Once in a while, there is too much wind to land safely. In that case, planes might not take off or might have to land on another island or back to Portugal. In that case, you will have to take a later flight.


Don't expect sandy dreamy beaches. This is not the destination for that.

Don't go to Madeira is order to spend your days at the beach. This is not the destination for that. Most beaches on the island are pebble beaches. There is very little sand. If you won't expect it, you won't be disappointed.


Plan some flexibility. Madeira is an island in the middle of the Atlantic

If you are looking for the sun during your Madeira travels, I recommend planning some flexibility, so that you can check the weather and the webcams and pick the less cloudy area of the island for the half day.

Smile and enjoy Madeira. Choose accommodation with or without swimming pool and enjoy your stay.

the beaches in Madeira are not dreamy ones with sand. But it can get hot in the afternoon. It is nice to enjoy a swim after a day exploring the coast and mountains. It is especially enjoyable if you are hiking as it will relax your muscles.