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Category Archives: Life in Porto

Porto University’s Locations
Porto University’s Locations...
Are coming to study in Porto next year? Then find out more about the places of the University of Porto ...
Dec 03, 2019 , 0
Student life in Porto
Student life in Porto
Are you a student coming to Porto to study? Great we are sure you will enjoy this city, its people ...
Dec 03, 2019 , 0
3 Cafés in Porto, you should not miss
3 Cafés in Porto, you should...
Porto has many cafés, an ideal place to spend some hours reading, writting, and looking around.
Nov 06, 2019 , 0
Porto, European Best Destination
Porto, European Best Destina...
Porto is an incredible city. From its hilly historical city center down to the river and from the river to ...
Nov 06, 2019 , 0